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What are Customers are saying about What are Customers are saying about Clotamin

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled i was at finding your product. My mother suffers from Hughes Syndrome or Lupus anticoagulant. So vitamin K is indeed a killer….thanks again for this wonderful product. I’m excited to surprise my mother with a vitamin she can finally take."

Kim Truley

"Finally after 6 years a multivitamin pill that works so well for those of us on warfarin."

Eloise in Massachusetts

"Your vitamins have really helped my mom! She says when she takes them, she doesn’t experience cramping in her legs – thanks very much for this product!"

Dorothy in New Jersey

"I just want to thank you for all you have done to stop the clot for everyone with blood clots . It is very hard on a person who gets blood clots in the lower legs. Once you get them like I have even after rehab on them it is a day to day struggle to keep them wrapped up with bandages or use compression stockings to control the amount of water you get in your legs because the veins in your legs will no longer work like they did prior to the clots. So to everyone who reads this you should take Clotamin as I do and you will feel a whole lot better each day. Again THANK YOU Justin Barch for your hard work making Clotamin a reality for all of us who have to take warfarin for life."

David in Michigan

"Clotamin user for one year, working as advertised."

Arthur in Massachusetts

"Thank you for this wonderful product and all of your email updates. I am so impressed and pleased w/your products, knowledge and responsiveness."

Teresa in Illinois


Matthew in Pennsylvania

"Gave copies of all my documentation to my Orthopedic surgeon. He had to repair a dislocated rotator cuff. Everything went well and my clotting factor was fine. No problems. My pro-time has been perfect and clotting has been normal. Thanks again for the clotamin. Keep up the good work."

Suzanne R. in Alabama

"INRs are easier to manage now."

Harold in Massachusetts

"Good stuff. I have had no trouble keeping my clotting factor regulated since I went on this vitamin regimen a year ago."

George in Idaho

"Have discussed Clotamin with my doctor. She approves and says keep up the good work."

Suzanne in Alabama

"I gave my cardiologist all the information on your product on my last visit. He was happy to get the information so I think he would pass it on to his patients."

Judy in Texas

"I was just diagnosed with Factor V Leiden. Thank you for this resource and the information."

Marybeth in Connecticut

"You can not know how excited I was to hear about Clotamin. I have a St.Jude’s Mitral Valve and have been on Coumadin since 1995! I have discussed using Clotamin with my cardiologist & primary physician and both approved trying this new multivit! Thank you!"

Lori in New York

"Great product, THANKS"

G.T. in Oklahoma

"I love this vitamin…it sure helps to keep me healthy I hadn’t been able to take vitamins because of the vitamin K, and taking Coumadin…Thank you for a great product."

JD from Ellwood City, PA

"I have been using Clotamin for 3 months and am very pleased with the product. I also had multiple blood clots break loose from my leg going to my lungs and heart. I had a saddle embolism go to my heart and should not have lived. Your product has been very helpful in my recovery."

DZ from Austin, TX

"What a good idea! I am pleased to tell you I am about to place an order. I was recently put on Coumadin and thrown for quite a loop to see that the package insert says I cannot take CoQ10 or garlic — two supplements that are both very good for me. The Kyolic 104 with lecithin I take has had a very positive effect in lowering my cholesterol. Thank you for producing Clotamin!"


"I have been taking Clotamin for almost a year and think it is terrific."